New publications on face masks and speech!

Two new publications came out last week, wrapping up our series on the impacts of face masks on speech. Both of these publications are the first first-author publication of two former RAs - I’m SO incredibly proud of the work these students put in to these projects! Congrats to Gursharan Badh (current SLP) and Nathaniel Cline (current PhD student at the University at Buffalo)!!!

Badh, G., & Knowles, T. (2023). Acoustic and perceptual impact of face masks on speech: A scoping review. PLOS ONE, 18(8), e0285009.

Cline, N., Knowles, T., & Badh, G. (2023). Effect of Face Masks and Speech Style on Speech Intelligibility and Listener Effort in Parkinson’s Disease. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology.