UB Praat Scripting Workshop Series

The following was disseminated to students in the CDS and Linguistics departments at UB this week, with workshops to begin at the end of the month.

You are invited to join our upcoming Praat Scripting Workshop series (schedule of dates & topics below). This workshop series is a collaborative effort through members of the Communicative Disorders & Sciences and Linguistics departments at UB designed to help researchers learn how to write basic code in the speech acoustics software program, Praat. The workshops will be iterative, with each designed to develop new skills based on the previous session. Little to no knowledge of Praat scripting or programming is needed, however, attendees are expected to be familiar with the basics of Praat software. The workshops will include a presentation and hands-on tutorial component, which will follow a “choose-your-own-adventure” style allowing attendees to pick different levels of difficulty depending on their experience.

If you’re interested in attending, please follow the “Prerequisites” on the project site. We will use Slack messaging as our primary form of communication (join via link on the Prerequisites page) but if you have difficulties signing up or are unsure of how to use Slack you can also email Thea Knowles ().

2/24Intro & file managementThea Knowles
3/17TextGrid querying + savingChris Heffner
4/7Acoustic extractionChristian DiCanio
4/28Intro to PraatSauce (Tentative)TBD

Presenters & affiliated labs:

Project site: https://casa-lab.com/coding-group/