Thea Knowles

Thea Knowles

Assistant Professor

University at Buffalo

Thea Knowles

Hi! 👋 I am an Assistant Professor in the Communicative Disorders and Sciences department at the University at Buffalo. I completed a combined MClSc/PhD in Communication Sciences & Disorders (Speech-Language Pathology) at Western University in London, Ontario (🇨🇦). My research focuses on describing the acoustic-phonetic characteristics of dysarthria, a group of motor speech disorders. In particular, I am interested in how changes in the acoustic speech signal modulate speech intelligibility, that is, how understandable one’s speech is to a typical listener. Informed by my background in linguistics and speech acoustics, my research can broadly be categorized into three themes:

  1. Understanding variable and adverse treatment effects on speech intelligibility
  2. Acoustic distinctiveness and its role in speech intelligibility
  3. The use of technology for speech measurement and treatment

Also feel free to ask me about:

  • 🎓 Combined clinical research degrees
  • ☕ Brewing coffee
  • 🏃‍♂️ Trail running
  • 🐶 My dog, Rocky

📄 Access my CV here.

  • Motor speech disorders
  • Speech acoustics
  • Speech intelligibility
  • Speech measurement tools
  • PhD in Health & Rehabilitation Sciences (Speech & Language Sciences), 2019

    Western University

  • MClSc-SLP, 2019

    Western University

  • BA Honours in Linguistics, 2012

    McGill University

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